Fill Icons

The Fill icons are icons that use fill in their svg code rather then strokes based on their design. These need to be separate by CSS classes because dynamically changing the color of fill icons is different then stroke icons.

A developer can tell the difference between the normal stroke icons and fill icons because fill icons will always be prefixed with i-fill in their svg file name.

Icon names

All currently available fill icons are as follows:

  • i-fill-app
  • i-fill-space
  • i-fill-org

Icon color variances

  • icon-alt
  • icon-ok
  • icon-error


To use the fill icons, follow the same directions as the normal icons and add a icon-fill class to the svg element.

<svg class="icon icon-fill">

To change the color of the icon, there are icon style color classes can be used. The fill icons have more color options available: ok and error.


Additionally, fill icons have the possibility to be made bordered, which will apply a thin border around the icon of the same color as the color defined by the variance class. The border width and the spacing between the border and the icon are relative to the font size of the icon’s parent element, similarly to how the icon’s size works. This means if you place an icon in a h3 tag, the border and spacing around the border will scale to the font size of the h3.

Adding new icons

To add a new fill icon, import an svg file into the src/img/ folder with the following naming scheme:

src/img/i-fill-{icon name}.svg

Where icon name is any underscore spaced name of your choice. Additionally, the svg code for the icon must:

  • Not include any inline color styling, such as fill or stroke. If the system the icon was exported from added rules within the svg such as fill="#333333", these attributes must be removed.
  • Follow the rules defined in the normal icons instructions for adding a new icon.


In order to make the fill icons correctly color based on their color class, the icon has to be made up of only fills and likely cannot include any white sections that overlap with other sections.

<svg class="icon icon-small icon-fill ">
  <use xmlns:xlink=""
       xlink:href="/img/cloudgov-sprite.svg#i-fill-home--reverse" >
<svg class="icon icon-{{ iconSize }} icon-fill {% if isBorder %}icon-bordered {% endif %}{% if iconStatus %}icon-{{ iconStatus }}{% endif %}">
  <use xmlns:xlink=""
       xlink:href="/img/cloudgov-sprite.svg#i-fill-{{ iconKind }}{% if isReverse  %}--reverse{% endif %}" >
  "iconKind": "home",
  "iconSize": "small",
  "isReverse": true